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As the echoes of A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER start to recede, we would like to share with you one last memory of our foregone European tour. The Polyarnik was recorded live in Gdańsk last 9/11 before the watchful gaze of a mesmerized crowd, during our European tour with Intronaut and Shining.

Thank you so much for walking with us through this surly year. It has been a rough journey but also a wonderful and transformative experience, and now it’s time for us to move onto new territories. Again.


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As the echoes of A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER start to recede, we would like to share with you one last memory of our foregone European tour. Watch THE POLYARNIK live in Gdańsk last 9/11 via any of our media partners below:

(UK) Terrorizer
(DE) Rock Hard
(ES) Rockzone Mag
(SE) Crank it Up
(AU) Metal Obsession
(FR) Metalnews
(HU) Lángoló Gitárok
(NL) Metal Exposure
(NO) Eternal Terror
(PT) Ultraje
(UA) Antichrist Metalzine
(FI) Kaaoszine

Obsidian Kingdom end of 2016 - The Polyarnik live video

The weather is changing again…


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How would life be in a world with no summer?


The BLACK SWAN mockumentary suggests a dramatic and unexpected shift in the routines that define our comfort zones. How would you react to being stripped of the illusion of freedom? Would you long for an idyllic past, warped by memory? Or would you rather adapt to the promise of a hostile and sublime future?

A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER is drawing near. Pre-order your copy in any of its three different formats here.


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Plunge into the dystopian mockumentary we produced for BLACK SWAN, the second single from A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER; streaming right now through the following media partners:

 Obsidian Kingdom 2016 by Ester Segarra - Black Swan mockumentary

(US) PopMatters
(UK) Terrorizer
(ES) Mondo Sonoro
(PT) Ultraje
(GR) Rocking
(HU) Lángoló Gitárok
(UA) Antichrist Magazine
(JP) Marunouchi Muzik
(NO) Metal Hammer


You can pre-order A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER in any of its various formats here.

Ball-Room videoclip worldwide premiere

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Behold Ball-Room, one of the bloodiest chapters out of MANTIIS: a shocking visual tale portraying sex, death, and a good load of frenzied pleasures. Shot and directed by Oyeme and the band in a damp basement, this videoclip is not recommended for the faint of heart.

Choose your favorite worldwide premiere and don’t forget to wash your eyes after you’ve watched it!


Bulgaria – Metal Hammer Bulgaria

Finland – Kaaoszine

France – Thrashocore

Germany – RockHard

Greece – Rock Overdose Energy fm 101

Iceland – Andfari

India – Metal Wani

Japan – Marunouchi Muzik Magazine

Netherlands – Ragherrie

Norway – Metal Hammer Norway

Spain – Zona-Zero


US – No Clean Singing



Fun in the basement

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We’ve spent the whole weekend locked up in a damp basement, shooting squalid scenes with splendid people.

In a few weeks we may invite you to witness the party…

obsidian kingdom video capture

MANTIIS live! videos

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Get a good impression of the spectacle we’re putting up lately by watching these videos from our MANTIIS presentation show, recorded last 14th December 2012 in Barcelona’ Music Hall.

Last of the Light · live @ Music Hall 2012

Cinnamon Balls + The Nurse · live @ Music Hall 2012

Mantiis Teaser #7 – Last of the Light

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“Seven for a secret / That has never been told”.

This is the last of the teasers. That means MANTIIS will be unleashed this very Friday 16th of November. Remember you will then be able to download it for FREE at our bandcamp site!

And here’s the big surprise: by now, you will have probably noticed there is a hidden code inside the video-teaser campaign. If you manage to decipher it, you will be closer to unfold one of the many secrets behind the creation of MANTIIS.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a copy of MANTIIS Digipack Edition, you will be able to use that code to obtain a 30% DISCOUNT at our online store during the fourteen days following the release date.

Just four days to go, enjoy your research and remember to share the final one!


Mantiis Teaser #6 – Oncoming Dark

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“Don’t you ever laugh as the hearse goes by / For you may be the next to die”.

Enjoy a pinch of MANTIIS’ neat vocal harmonies in this sixth and penultimate official video-teaser.

We bet a Big Black Car would look good on your profile page!

Mantiis Teaser #5 – Fingers in Anguish

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All Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner and we were saving this particular excerpt for this week.

Five down, two to go; MANTIIS will get you before you know.

Thank you for sharing and happy Halloween!