Obsidian Kingdom Drone Set @City Hall

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The Obsidian Kingdom Drone Set performed recently at Barcelona’s City Hall with Hugo Guerrero as special guest on sax. Here’s a brief excerpt from that night:

More Drone Set dates to be announced soon.

Drone Set – Live at Noches Sinestésicas

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Obsidian Kingdom Drone Set - Noches Sinestesicas 2013

The Obsidian Kingdom Drone Set will make another appearance next monday, February 25th, at City Hall – Barcelona. We’ll perform at the Noches Sinestésicas Cicle along with Pytra Oyster and Miss Q.

Our special guest will be Hugo, the sax player.

It will be a night full of experimentation where no boundaries will remain intact – you can join the event for free admission, so you have no excuse!

Click here for more info + tickets