Ball-Room videoclip worldwide premiere

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Behold Ball-Room, one of the bloodiest chapters out of MANTIIS: a shocking visual tale portraying sex, death, and a good load of frenzied pleasures. Shot and directed by Oyeme and the band in a damp basement, this videoclip is not recommended for the faint of heart.

Choose your favorite worldwide premiere and don’t forget to wash your eyes after you’ve watched it!


Bulgaria – Metal Hammer Bulgaria

Finland – Kaaoszine

France – Thrashocore

Germany – RockHard

Greece – Rock Overdose Energy fm 101

Iceland – Andfari

India – Metal Wani

Japan – Marunouchi Muzik Magazine

Netherlands – Ragherrie

Norway – Metal Hammer Norway

Spain – Zona-Zero


US – No Clean Singing



Mantiis full streaming at Prog Magazine

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British legendary PROG Magazine is streaming MANTIIS right now, with the occasion of its imminent international re-issue, due this week via Season of Mist; we couldn’t feel more honored! Remember that you can pre-order the album now from our Bandcamp store!

Obsidian Kingdom


Mantiis re-issue next October 2014

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It’s official: MANTIIS will be re-issued by Season of Mist next October 24th (28th in North America). Pre-orders are already available, and don’t forget it sold out last time!

Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis preorder

Get your copy here.

Obsidian Kingdom signs to Season of Mist

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Obsidian Kingdom is no longer an independent band. We have come to this hard resolution having one and only one thing in mind: to keep making music for you.

Because we want you to know about us if you don’t already. We want to be able to play in your town or very near. We want you to spin our records without having to pay inflated shipping prices. And we would rather invest our limited and valuable human resources in making music, not in bureaucracy.

Season of Mist is one of the biggest, strongest and longest-lived independent labels that we know. It is certainly home to legends such as Morbid Angel, Mayhem and Cynic, but what makes it so attractive for us to be part of the family is the way they respect and support the aesthetic identity and artistic ideas of the bands they work with. On top of everything else, they are devoted music lovers just like ourselves.

And from now on, we will be working side by side to bring our music to your ears in the best and most efficient way possible, starting with the long-time demanded re-issue of our debut album, Mantiis, which will happen this autumn 2014. In the meantime, we are already writing more music for you to bask in…

Wish us luck on this brave step, and we will repay you a thousand-fold.

Thank you.


Torn & Burnt out next friday

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The astonishing artwork of TORN & BURNT has been exclusively created by Belgian taxidermist Raf Veulemans and photographed and designed by Tomeu Mulet.

This Friday 15th of November at 00:00 CET, this beauty will be available for purchase on our Bandcamp store. Don’t wait till it sells out!

Last of the Light (Subheim vs Poordream Remix)

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Listen now to “Last of the Light (Subheim vs Poordream Remix)”, the first single out of our new album TORN & BURNT.

TORN & BURNT is due out next November 15th 2013, available as a free digital download or limited digipack at our online store.


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We are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing a new album next 15th November 2013.



TORN & BURNT – The Mantiis Remixes will feature astounding reworks of seven tracks from MANTIIS, signed by artists as renowned as Oktopus (Dälek), Subheim, PoordreamNecro Deathmort, Jr Morgue, Drumcorps, Larvae and Mothboy.

A free digital download and a limited digipack version will be available upon the release date.

More information to be revealed soon.

MANTIIS live! Aftermath

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Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis Live!

The MANTIIS live! Iberian tour has come to an end and we would like to thank everyone involved in it, especially the audience in Murcia for providing such an apoteosic closure.

Time for us to write our next album.


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In order to be able to offer you the most complete music experience, we have always betted on publishing our albums on physical support of the highest quality.

That is the reason why it makes us so happy to tell you about the first MANTIIS double LP 12” 180 g. vinyl edition; a limited deluxe collector’s edition that preserves every detail from the original design by Ritxi Ostáriz and Elena Gallen.


obsidian kingdom - mantiis vinyl


This first edition, limited to 512 copies and produced in top-notch quality materials, includes a 14 page booklet and two custom speckled vinyls in black jackets and has been hand-numbered and sealed by ourselves. It also comes with a transparent plastic overbag for optimal preservation.

You are invited to take a look at it in our online store; we hope that it will soon become a valuable piece of your collection.

Thank you very much for your support!


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We are glad to show you the first MANTIIS double LP 12” 180 g. vinyl edition; a limited deluxe collector’s edition that preserves every detail from the original design by Ritxi Ostáriz and Elena Gallen.

Take a close look at it in the gallery below. This collector’s edition will be available at our online store starting June 20th 2013.