Presenting our new lineup

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Here’s our new lineup in all its decadent glory, as captured by the gifted Sergio Albert some weeks ago at a fancy club in the capital. So, it is about time we made it official: everyone say hello to Eaten Roll I, our new guitar player.


Already a big fan of the band when the chance came up, she fought her way through more than 40 applicants and won – despite never having picked up an electric guitar in her entire life. A crafty designer and a local psychedelic folk starlet, she is the perfect addition to our line-up, and you are going to hear her roar in the near future. Zer0 will be sorely missed, but Seerborn Ape Tot is in charge of the synths now, so you will still be getting 100% Obsidian Kingdom, as always.

Times change and the seasons roll on by, but this one will be A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER… See you very soon on the road!