Mantiis Teaser #7 – Last of the Light

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“Seven for a secret / That has never been told”.

This is the last of the teasers. That means MANTIIS will be unleashed this very Friday 16th of November. Remember you will then be able to download it for FREE at our bandcamp site!

And here’s the big surprise: by now, you will have probably noticed there is a hidden code inside the video-teaser campaign. If you manage to decipher it, you will be closer to unfold one of the many secrets behind the creation of MANTIIS.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a copy of MANTIIS Digipack Edition, you will be able to use that code to obtain a 30% DISCOUNT at our online store during the fourteen days following the release date.

Just four days to go, enjoy your research and remember to share the final one!


Mantiis Teaser #6 – Oncoming Dark

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“Don’t you ever laugh as the hearse goes by / For you may be the next to die”.

Enjoy a pinch of MANTIIS’ neat vocal harmonies in this sixth and penultimate official video-teaser.

We bet a Big Black Car would look good on your profile page!

Mantiis Teaser #5 – Fingers in Anguish

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All Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner and we were saving this particular excerpt for this week.

Five down, two to go; MANTIIS will get you before you know.

Thank you for sharing and happy Halloween!

Mantiis Teaser #4 – Haunts of the Underworld

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MANTIIS is coming, time is running out and everything is tainted with a frightening feeling of velocity; like water down a sinkhole.

The fourth of the seven MANTIIS official video-teasers means that there is less than a month of waiting ahead.

Share if you are as impatient as we are.

Mantiis teaser #3 – Cinnamon Balls

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Most of you will agree that one of the most effective ways to let go of anger and frustration is beating something helpless. Repeatedly.

Here is the third of the seven MANTIIS official video-teasers, only four more to go.

Mantiis teaser #2 – Awake until Dawn

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Here is the second of the seven MANTIIS official video-teasers.

Fiar from FOSCOR sings a few verses in Catalan in this short tale of longing, horror and despair. It’s a matter of months now till it gets to your ears.

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Mantiis release show – Barcelona, Music Hall, december 14th 2012

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Todavía no lo habéis escuchado, pero ya queréis verlo en directo!

You still haven’t heard it, but you already want to see it live!

Obsidian Kingdom’s MANTIIS live! + Cut The End

FACEBOOK EVENT: 14·12·2012 @ Music Hall Barcelona

obsidian kingdom mantiis release show poster

Mantiis teaser #1 – Not Yet Five

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After all the noise and blurry images, you sure are eager to listen to some music.

Behold the first of the seven MANTIIS official video-teasers which will be posted every Monday, starting today and until the very week of the release.

You are most welcome to join in the countdown by sharing these videos!

Next album and cover artwork revealed

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It’s time for us to reveal some relevant information about our new album.

It is entitled “MANTIIS – an agony in fourteen bites”, and it will feature a single song cut into fourteen tracks. It is due out 16th November 2012.

More will be told soon; for the time being, take a peek at the cover (courtesy of Elena Gallen and Estudio Ritxi Ostáriz).

Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis

New album to be mastered at Fascination Street

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Our mix left today for Fascination Street Studios (Enslaved, Pain of Salvation, Opeth…), where Jens Bogren will give it his finishing touch. Expect to hear our new album REAL soon.