Mantiis – an agony in fourteen bites

Mantiis - an agony in fourteen bites


Produced by Jorge Mur and Obsidian Kingdom.

Recorded by Mr. Ax at Axtudio, Barcelona; except for drums recorded by Sergi Marcet at Juglans Studio, Estanyol; Summer 2012.

Mixed by Mr. Ax at Axtudio, Barcelona; Summer 2012. Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro; Fall 2012.

Art Direction by Ritxi Ostáriz and Obsidian Kingdom. Designed by Ritxi Ostáriz and Elena Gallen.

Reissued by Season of Mist in October 2014.



Watch the teasers here. Watch the recording sessions here.


After almost two years of intense work, Obsidian Kingdom publishes its most ambitious project. “Mantiis – An agony in fourteen bites” (2012) is a conceptual album, featuring a single song divided into fourteen tracks which flow through different genres. Taking part in the long-lived tradition of rock operas – such as those created by David Bowie or King Diamond –, the album embarks the listener in an eerie musical trip, noted for the coherent exploration of a wide range of styles and emotions.

With a progressive character and a post-modern approach, its influences can be traced from the melancholy of Akira Yamaoka to the heaviness of Cult of Luna, including the experimental style of Ulver or Pink Floyd sound’s heritage.

The album has been mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Katatonia) and its artwork has been once more curated by Ritxi Ostáriz (Ihsahn, Ulver), in collaboration with Elena Gallen (Kulte, VICE), completing this musical experience with their particular interpretation of Mantiis’ symbolic and emotional contents.

With the firm intention of widening the band’s palette, the album includes the collaboration of two guest musicians: Californian trumpeter Nicholas Dominic Talvola displays his virtuosity in the instrumental interlude of “Last of the Light”; while Fiar, frontman of the Black Metal band Foscor, performs the Catalan verses in “Awake Until Dawn” in his particular emaciated style.