Obsidian Kingdom - 3:11


Recorded by David Fernández at Tribal Art Studios, Sils; Summer 2009.

Mixed and engineered by Tristán íñiguez at Auryn Studios, Arrasate; Summer 2009.

Art Direction by Ritxi Ostáriz and Obsidian Kingdom.



Download for free here. Listen at Spotify/YouTube.


This transitional EP is the only testimony of Obsidian Kingdom’s first-to-be and unedited album, “Fera”. It consists in three varied tunes that focus on human most atavistic fears. “3:11” is a solid compendium of dense and enigmatic riffs that thread themselves into a tapestry of elusive thoughts and sensations.

Although clearly an extreme Metal release, “3:11” suggests new formal paths to be explored. The guitar tuning drops to C and the minimal melodic expression (based mainly in semitone variations) is compensated by a great rhythmic complexity, while the range of vocal resources amplifies its experimental nuance.