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January 13, 2014

 Torn & Burnt


Just like its predecessor did and in spite of its tricky nature, TORN & BURNT is also carving a niche in the pages of the specialized music media, to the point of having been included on several “best of 2013” charts among heavyweights such as Ulver, Deafheaven or Leprous.

some TORN & BURNT press quotes

“The album is very consistent and carries the same tone throughout. Every track has a very dark and ominous feel to it, and does a great job of derailing itself at the appropriate times, thus keeping the listener engaged.”
4/5 @ Sputnik Music

“(…) much of this album is pretty heavy electronic but out of context it’s fairly unbelievable that these tracks came from an album dominated by Death and Progressive Metal. Kudos to all the artists involved to making this such a compelling and unique release (…)”

“Estamos ante una revelación brutal, otra más de este grupo, que tan sólo es cuestión de tiempo que alcance cotas más altas.”

“Like ‘Mantiis’, ‘Torn and Burnt’ is not an easy album to digest, but that’s the point.”
Backseat Mafia

“(…) el siguiente paso en su imparable carrera hacía el culto definitivo.”


TORN & BURNT @ Best of 2013 Charts

#2 Best Album of 2013 @ Studio Suicide

#6 Best Album of 2013 @ Goliath is Dead

#10 Best Album of 2013 @ The Shaman’s Blog

#10 Best Metal Album of 2013 @ Friedhof