MANTIIS lives again!

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September 23, 2013

Obsidian Kingdom - Live at Sonora, Bilbao


We’re back home after having one the greatest experiences of our lives. MANTIIS has come alive this weekend in Madrid and Euskadi leaving a trail of blood, sweat and sheer emotion behind.

We would very much like to thank every single individual and entity that made this possible: Unai & Third Eye Society; Juanan & Madness Live; Marcos & Cuervo Store; Marta & Noise Off FestivalJardín de la Croix; Contínuo Renacer; Fisherman’s HorizonLines; Sala Caracol; Sala Sonora; Ritxi Ostáriz; Elena Gallen; Magan; our friends, families and crew; and of course, every kind soul who showed up at any of our shows and shared her time with us. You make it all worthwhile.

And for those of you who couldn’t make it; you can either resign yourselves to reading the media reports or come see for yourselves at the second leg of the Iberian tour, three weeks from now.

MANTIIS live! @ Sala Caracol (Madrid) by Suicide By Star
MANTIIS live! @ Sala Caracol (Madrid) by The Metal Circus
MANTIIS live! @ Sala Sonora (Bilbao) by Feiticeira
MANTIIS live! @ Sala Sonora (Bilbao) by Noche de Rock

This is just the beginning.