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Mantiis full streaming at Prog Magazine

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British legendary PROG Magazine is streaming MANTIIS right now, with the occasion of its imminent international re-issue, due this week via Season of Mist; we couldn’t feel more honored! Remember that you can pre-order the album now from our Bandcamp store!

Obsidian Kingdom


Obsidian Kingdom & Sólstafir European Tour 2014

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It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that, on the occasion of the re-issue of our debut album this 24th October 2014 via Season of Mist, we will be finally bringing MANTIIS to all of Europe this fall, in the priceless company of our much-respected Sólstafir. We are very much looking forward to finding each and every one of you on the road in the following days; and be the strangers who give you candy.


Obsidian Kingdom + Sólstafir European Tour

Track our tour dates, share them and buy tickets here!

You can pre-orderMantiis here!

Obsidian Kingdom @ Ritual Cvlt Fest 2014

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Due to popular – and ritual – demand, we will be playing the MANTIIS live! show for the very last time in a long time in the first Ritual Cvlt Fest, next Friday 3rd October in Barcelona.

Obsidian Kingdom @ Ritual Cvlt Festival

There will be surprises, so be there! Get your tickets here.

Obsidian Kingdom @ Damnation Festival 2014

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We’re coming back to the UK! Catch us live at Damnation Festival 2014, sharing stage with SÓLSTAFIRAnaal NathrakhBolt Thrower and many more. Get your tickets here.

Obsidian Kingdom - Damnation Festival 2014

Hope to see you there – and stay tuned for more exciting news very soon!

Mantiis re-issue next October 2014

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It’s official: MANTIIS will be re-issued by Season of Mist next October 24th (28th in North America). Pre-orders are already available, and don’t forget it sold out last time!

Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis preorder

Get your copy here.

Back from Bloodstock Open Air 2014

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We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to the half a thousand gals and lads that made us feel (better than) at home this weekend at Bloodstock Festival. THANK YOU!

Obsidian Kingdom - Bloodstock Open Air 2014 by Ester Segarra

Enjoy a taste of it, as seen through the privileged eye of Ester Segarra.

Obsidian Kingdom 2014

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You still have not seen these great pictures from our last photo shoot, commissioned to our dear OYEME! - photographers, designers, video makers and good friends of the band. Enjoy!

Obsidian Kingdom @ Bloodstock 2014

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Obsidian Kingdom will be appearing live in the UK this summer for the first time ever at Bloodstock Festival 2014, in the good company of Emperor, Triptykon, Shining and many more.

Obsidian Kingdom @ Bloodstock 2014

Can’t hardly wait to see you all there!

Remixes for Cult of Luna and God Seed

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We have been recently given the oppportunity to remix two frontline bands as important as Cult of Luna and God Seed, along with other great artists such as Maybeshewill, Beastmilk, Petrels, Whalesong and Michal Kielbasa.

Synchronicity is our own grisly and futuristic approach to Vertikal, filled with soul-crushing machines and misty tunes. Premiered through Rock-a-Rolla.

Lit is a ritualistic drone orgy made almost exclusively out of Gaahl‘s spine-chilling vocals. Premiered through Indie Recordings.

Feast your ears.


Obsidian Kingdom signs to Season of Mist

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Obsidian Kingdom is no longer an independent band. We have come to this hard resolution having one and only one thing in mind: to keep making music for you.

Because we want you to know about us if you don’t already. We want to be able to play in your town or very near. We want you to spin our records without having to pay inflated shipping prices. And we would rather invest our limited and valuable human resources in making music, not in bureaucracy.

Season of Mist is one of the biggest, strongest and longest-lived independent labels that we know. It is certainly home to legends such as Morbid Angel, Mayhem and Cynic, but what makes it so attractive for us to be part of the family is the way they respect and support the aesthetic identity and artistic ideas of the bands they work with. On top of everything else, they are devoted music lovers just like ourselves.

And from now on, we will be working side by side to bring our music to your ears in the best and most efficient way possible, starting with the long-time demanded re-issue of our debut album, Mantiis, which will happen this autumn 2014. In the meantime, we are already writing more music for you to bask in…

Wish us luck on this brave step, and we will repay you a thousand-fold.

Thank you.