Feature in Ars Umbra, by Ester Segarra

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Obsidian Kingdom - Ars Umbra, by Ester Segarra

This glorious picture of our naked bodies has been featured in Ars Umbra – the ultimate anthology of extreme Metal photography portraying the lifetime’s work of our dear Ester Segarra.

The book, co-designed by our also dear Branca Studio, contains over 150 photographs of the likes of Ghost, Watain, Electric Wizard, Mayhem et al. and also features an original soundtrack composed ad hoc by Uno Bruniusson (ex-In Solitude).

It comes out tomorrow 6th of July via Season of Mist so if you’re into Metal, photography or male nudity, we strongly suggest that you get yourself a copy here!

Obsidian Kingdom plays KÖRKARLEN

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The CCCB and Mery Cuesta have comissioned us to write and perform the film score to the cult classic movie “Körkarlen (The Phantom Carriage)“, as an opener to the Gandules’18 outdoor screenings cycle, this year revolving around the themes of magic, altered states and the occult.


Obsidian Kingdom plays Körkarlen


Based on the novel of the same name by Selma Lagerlöf, the film is a reference to the Swedish legend that the last sinner to die before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s eve has to drive a ghostly carriage for a whole year. This marks the starting point of a spectral journey through the most decadent episodes of the life of David Holm (played by the film’s director, Victor Sjöström) in an emotional crescendo towards a dramatic end.

We will perform our original film score, written by our dear Jorge Mur, at Pati de les Dones in Barcelona during the evening of Tuesday, 8th of August. This is a one-off show, so be there!


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As the echoes of A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER start to recede, we would like to share with you one last memory of our foregone European tour. The Polyarnik was recorded live in Gdańsk last 9/11 before the watchful gaze of a mesmerized crowd, during our European tour with Intronaut and Shining.

Thank you so much for walking with us through this surly year. It has been a rough journey but also a wonderful and transformative experience, and now it’s time for us to move onto new territories. Again.


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As the echoes of A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER start to recede, we would like to share with you one last memory of our foregone European tour. Watch THE POLYARNIK live in Gdańsk last 9/11 via any of our media partners below:

(UK) Terrorizer
(DE) Rock Hard
(ES) Rockzone Mag
(SE) Crank it Up
(AU) Metal Obsession
(FR) Metalnews
(HU) Lángoló Gitárok
(NL) Metal Exposure
(NO) Eternal Terror
(PT) Ultraje
(NL) Metalfan.nl
(UA) Antichrist Metalzine
(FI) Kaaoszine

Obsidian Kingdom end of 2016 - The Polyarnik live video

The weather is changing again…


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Earlier this year we had the privilege to perform a very special acoustic version of our song BLACK SWAN amidst the marmoreal walls of the MNAC, as the first ever chapter of the This is not project.

Enjoy the haunting piece now:


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Earlier this year, the Rock I+D team came to us with a fantastic idea: a full Rock I+D issue curated by Obsidian Kingdom.

After many months of work, the result is magnificent: a literary adaptation of A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER in magazine format, with a splendid layout and appearances by 65daysofstatic, Altar of Plagues, Viva Belgrado, Jardin de la Croix, Necro Deathmort, Trono de Sangre, Jaime Gomez Arellano, Ester Segarra and Sergio Albert Avilés, dealing with various topics such as genre boundaries, social control through the entertainment industry or the psychological unstability inherent to artistic professions.

Plus, we appear naked in the centerfold.

You can read it here!

Obsidian Kingdom - Rock I+D curation

 Many thanks to all the team for this gift, and especially Xisco Garcia Cruz, Fernando Acero, Marina Morales, Marina Sky Walker and Maria Picassó for the memorable cover.


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Our european tour has come to an end – after 12000 km through 22 shows, 12 countries and countless hours of sheer joy, how could we not miss all of these amazing people?

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have made this possible – IntronautShiningNMC Live, our lovely crew, attendants, promoters, journalists, photographers and everyone that has shared with us this unforgettable experience. We will carry it forever deep within our hearts.

Obsidian Kingdom - Intronaut - Shining - End of tour pic 2016


Until we meet again, dear friends!


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Our European tour begins next week in Oslo. We’ll be playing all around Europe with our partners in crime: the schizoid blackjazz rebels Shining and the hallucinated LA post-prog shamans Intronaut.



Expect a mind-bending experience of frantic entertainment and ominous portents, because A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER is coming your way and we’re bringing the heavy artillery along…



06 SEP (NO) John Dee, Oslo
08 SEP (DK) Loppen, Copenhagen
09 SEP (DE) Logo, Hamburg
10 SEP (DE) Cassiopeia, Berlin
11 SEP (PL) B90, Gdansk
12 SEP (PL) Minoga, Poznan
13 SEP (CZ) Futurum, Prague
14 SEP (DE) Strom, Munich
15 SEP (AU) Viper Room, Vienna
17 SEP (IT) Lo-Fi, Milan
18 SEP (IT) Init, Rome
19 SEP (IT) Freakout Club, Bologna
20 SEP (CH) Werk 21, Zurich
21 SEP (CH) Les Docks, Lausanne
22 SEP (FR) CCO Villeurbanne, Lyon
23 SEP (FR) Le Preo, Oberhausbergen
24 SEP (BE) VK, Brussels
25 SEP (UK) The Dome, London
26 SEP (FR) La Boule Noire, Paris
27 SEP (NL) Patronaat, Haarlem
28 SEP (NL) Paard van Troje, Den Haag
29 SEP (NL) Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
30 SEP (DE) Euroblast Festival, Essigfabrik, Cologne


Obsidian Kingdom - A Year With No Summer translucent neon pink vinyl


We have also produced a special vinyl edition of the album that will be available during the tour – a limited run of 305 copies in all their pink translucent glory, hand numbered and sealed by us. Don’t miss out!

See you on the road!


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We couldn’t be happier to announce that we will be touring Europe this September in the unfathomable company of Norwegian blackjazz rebels Shining and LA post-prog masters Intronaut.

Our last European tour was so incredible that we can hardly wait to hit the road again… This new adventure will bring A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER to more than ten countries, through twenty epic shows that you will find very hard to forget.

Obsidian Kingdom - European tour with Intronaut and Shining 2016

If you’re also a festival-goer, remember that we’ll be playing at Be Prog! My Friend and Resurrection Fest in July, side by side with names such as Iron Maiden, Opeth and Enslaved.

Check out all of our upcoming live dates here. See you on the road!

Presenting our new lineup

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Here’s our new lineup in all its decadent glory, as captured by the gifted Sergio Albert some weeks ago at a fancy club in the capital. So, it is about time we made it official: everyone say hello to Eaten Roll I, our new guitar player.


Already a big fan of the band when the chance came up, she fought her way through more than 40 applicants and won – despite never having picked up an electric guitar in her entire life. A crafty designer and a local psychedelic folk starlet, she is the perfect addition to our line-up, and you are going to hear her roar in the near future. Zer0 will be sorely missed, but Seerborn Ape Tot is in charge of the synths now, so you will still be getting 100% Obsidian Kingdom, as always.

Times change and the seasons roll on by, but this one will be A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER… See you very soon on the road!